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I've realized something. My mom cares not what others think about her. The other day my mom meowed at me in the middle of the store because i was 30 feet away from her. She MEOWED.
I really want to see more mihawk x reader stories... that man deserves some love.
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Lips were slowly tracing over your neck. A deep growl rumbling in the chest of the man who so roughly pushed you against his bed. 

It should be explained how you got here. After all, you knew you weren't going anywhere for the rest of the night. 

It had been a usual day for CP9. You had been training with Kaku when HE walked up. His raven black hair was pulled back neatly and his wild eyes spoke of danger to come. His faithful pigeon, hattori, was no where to be seen as he gazed at you.

"Kaku, leave." the ginger male didn't need any other instructions from the strongest member of CP9 before he quickly hurried out, casting a glance over his shoulder at you.

You had been so focused on Kaku leaving that you didn't notice the male stalking towards you before he pinned you to the floor roughly, growling like the leopard form his devilfruit gifted him.

"Do you know why I asked him to leave, ____?" 

his voice was deep and had a small husky tone to it as it rumbled against the shell of your ear. 

You tried to shake your head before Lucci's lips met your neck, hungrily biting and licking. You let out a small moan of suprise before he bit your neck, his canine teeth dragging lightly across your pulse. 

"You don't know what you do to me, ____..." he husker lightly in your ear, lightly licking your earlobe.

"This damn body of your's..." his hands trailed up your side as he dragged his nails across your ribs. "Your silky skin..." his nose pressed to your shoulder as he breathed in your pure untainted scent. "Your scent..." he pulled back, licking his lips like a predator would before his meal. 

"Everything. Absolutely mouth watering." his eyes were lit up from the inside with a hunger you had never seen in them before.

"I think I'll give myself just a little taste~ afterall,  how can I deny myself what you can give me?"

His insistent lips upon your neck drew you back to his room. No sooner than he had your attention, did you cry out lightly as his hand tightly grasped your chest. 

"Mmm~ you'd better not be spacing out, ____, some men can take that as a challenge~" the feeling of his growing need pressing against your thigh told
you all you needed to know about how he took your absent state.

He ground his hips against your's,  leaving you panting and bothered. Not a single article of clothing had left either of your bodies but he still managed to get you so wild without even trying.

Said man smirked at you and growled softly, biting your neck. He ripped off your shirt, paying no mind to your startled yelp as he ravished the exposed skin, leaving no part of you untouched.

"I will ravish you and mark you as many times as I need to for you to learn that you're mine... And believe me, you'll know who you belong to after tonight."

His mouth captured your lips in a heated kiss before his tinge entered your mouth without permission, claiming what he already saw to be his. 

The need for air forced the two of you apart before his lips trailed down your neck, biting and
sucking everywhere they touched. 

His hand explored between your legs as he distracted you with his persistent lips. The nimble fingers slipping into your pants and soaked undergarments.

"Already this wet, ____? To think that you are second strongest and this easily swayed." his toying fingers had you moaning helplessly as he none to gently tore away your pants, growling deeply in his chest.

His grin grew into a sadistic one, making your heart flutter like the wings of a bird. An outraged very left your lips as he moved his hand from your slick folds and smirked at you, taking time to slowly lick his fingers.

"Ngh... So damn good... I wouldn't mind tasting more~" he easily slipped your panties from your body as he held your legs open, using two fingers to spread your lower lips before his warm tongue slid over your tight entrance.

His tongue ravished and stroked your entrance, flicking lightly at your sensitive nub and dipping his skilled tongue into you.

Your fingers pulled his hair free from the tie that held it back and tangled into the black locks, tugging at it as you shook in plessure. 

"L - Lucci... Ngh... So close... I'm..!" before you met sweet release he pulled away, leaving you unsatisfied and bothered.

"Don't worry, ____. It's time for the main course anyway~" he licked his lips in a sinfully seductive manner before lining up his heavy length with your slick folds. His eyes met your's before he suddenly trusted into you, forcing a scream to rise up your throat.

He took a moment to let you adjust before he began his hard and rough pace, growling like the wild cat he was. He panted heavily against your neck as he moaned lowly, feeling you tighten
around him as he wildly bucked into you. Moan after moan yore from your parted lips as you cried out his name, making him even harder as he plunged Into you. 

"D-damn it... So tight... Ugh... ____, it feels so good..." he had reached up to speeds not even you can match as the bed shook under him from his pounding force. He didn't even miss a beat as the legs of the bed broke from his forceful thrusts.

"A-ah! Lucci! Ngh... So close..."
you moaned out, your voice rising in pitch and volume before the coil in your stomach snapped and he continued to thrust through your orgasm, forcing you to ride it out as you clung to him. 

At last, he thrust deep into you before his breath hitched and he let out a long moan, releasing his seed into you. 

You were panting as you looked up and he growled with a smirk. "We're far from done here."

The only other sounds that left your mouth were gasps and moans, lucci made sure of that.
lucci x reader (lemon)
A lucci x reader in all its lemony goodness~


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