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WARNING; this contains mature sexual content and you must be 18 to read. If you're not, well, i cant control what you do, but you have been warned. This fic also contains lucci's hybrid form and a bit of a rough lemon.
Ye have been warned!!

You were looking outside dressed in nothing but a bathrobe. It was mid-day and you did not plan to be getting dressed or going on a mission any time soon.

The shower in your bathroom was running and your partner was no where to be seen, but he wouldn't stay away for long.

The sound of the shower turning off made your breath hitch. The sound of his feet against your tile floor made your heart flutter.

You didn't even spare a glance over your shoulder as the male sauntered out of your bathroom. You knew his gaze was on you and you knew he was coming closer to you.

"____." the sound of his voice sent shivers down your spine as his large hands rest on your hips, his breath rustling you hair.

In a single moment, you found yourself with your hands planted on the bed and your bathrobe somewhere across the room.

Lucci's lips began roaming your back as you panted lightly and let out several whimpers. His fingers teased at your entrance and a low husky chuckle could be heard from the man on top of you.

Your chest was pressed to the bed and your fingers gripped tightly at the sheets below you.

"Enjoying yourself, _____?" the husky murmur in your ear followed by a sensual lick sent shivers down your spine.

"ngh~!" all you could do was let out several pleasured whimpers underneath his minstrations.

Another deep, sadistic chuckle rumbled through his chest as his fingers delved into you.

This was a common occurence. Every month, the famed heartless Rob Lucci would pin you to the bed beneath him and keep you there for a few days. The spare moments either of you left your room during those days lucci would be at your side possessively, growling at anyone who got too close to you.

It took only a few times for you to realize why lucci behaved this way; It was his mating season. Every season since you had met him, lucci choose you as his mate.

After his mating season was over,he would return to the cold lucci that you knew, but your body would yearn for his until the next mating season would occur.

It was madness trying to keep up with the male sometimes.

He always preferred such an animalistic way to take you. Your hands planted on the bed and your hips raised up. Sometimes he would put you on your back, but that was not often.

Sometimes he also enjoyed being in his hybrid form, like he was now. Tail swishing behind him and deep growls rumbling through his chest as he purred against your back.

His teeth grazed your shoulder making you let out a hiss and yelp softly. Your yelp only succeed in exciting him even more.

"You love this, don't you ___?" his hips bucked against your's forcing another soft yelp of pleasure to escape your parted lips. "You enjoy being under me like this. I see the way you look at me during missions. You WANT me every time you look at me."

His claws ran down your sides, leaving light red scratches that burned slightly on your skin.

It hurt, but it was a pleasurable burn. Lucci always mixed pain and pleasure into a sinfully delicious combination that left you wanting more. You always wanted more.

A growl rumbled deeply in his chest as he removed his fingers from you, licking them sensually as his dark eyes gazed lustfully at you. His golden spotted tail was waving a bit faster now, almost lashing back and forth in excitement.

He would never admit it, but you were the only one who could get him to feel his way. There was a reason he chose you as his mate every season, but he would never tell you. It just wasn't in his nature to say things like that.

His chest pressed against your back as his large hands came to push into the bed next to your's. He was caging you in an intimate embrace as he ground his hips against your's, causing sinful pleasure to shoot through you.

"A-ah~! Lucci..!" his name tumbled from your lips, making him hiss in desire. "Say my name again." he growled lowly into your ear, slowly beginning to push into you.

"L-Lucci!" He snarled in pleasure at this, his hips sharply bucking against your's as a reward for following his order.

Moans began to tumble from your lips as his hips roughly snapped into your's.

He was growling deeply as he moved roughly over you, pressing you against the bed and claiming you as his.

You let moan after moan fall from your lips, knowing that everyone in CP9 left earlier that day to go on a mission or to simply give ths two of you some space due to lucci's possessive agression.

Last time it was Lucci's mating season, Jabra made the mistake of interrupting the two of you and it didn't end well for the wolf man.

Jabra got away with eight broken ribs, a broken leg and a crack on his skull and that is only to mention the bone related injuries.

After that, no one in CP9 made the mistake of interrupting the two of you during mating season again.

His hips hit against your body roughly and you knew there will be bruising there but you couldn't bring yourself to care. All that filled your mind was the pleasureable euphoria that ran through your veins like fire.

Lucci gave a deep growl as he rammed harder into you, his breath escaping in a series of growls and low moans.

"ngh... ____... You're so fucking tight..!" He growled and bit your shoulder, his clawed hands tangling in your hair and pulling slightly.

You could feel a coil winding tightly in your stomach as your voice reached new volumes.

"A-ah! Lucci..!"

The hiss in his chest deepended as you tightened around him, driving him absolutely wild. He bucked his hips even harder against you, beginning to loose his mind to the pleasure.

His breath hissed in your ear as he growled deeply, one hand resting over your's and the other was tangled in your hair.

"I know you're close." he growled deeply, his eyes narrowing in pleasure.

"Go ahead and let me undo you. Scream my name and tell them who you belong to."

The coil snapped and pleasure flooded your veins as you cried out, back arching and fists clenched tightly around the bed sheets.


He moaned deeply and contined to thrust into you, making you ride out your orgasm.

Your body was shaking in pure pleasure now as Lucci picked up his pace before a deep moan, similar to a roar of the great jungle cat he was, tore through his throat and he released into you.

His teeth once again found your shoulder as his hot seed filled you.

He slowly came down from his high, easily getting his breathing back under control while you still struggled.

"Mmm~" he growled gently as he trailed light kisses up and down your neck, soothing the bites he had left in a previous round.

He slowly pulled out of you and lay next to you, pulling you flush against his chest.

"Mine." he snarled softly, his voice was dangerously low as he nuzzled your hair. "My mate..."

You entwined your finger with his,feeling his steady heartbeat in hischest.

"Your's." you confirmed softly, letting sleep overcome you until he decided it was time for the next round.
Mine (Rob Lucci x reader lemon)
Hopefully this uploaded properly. I tried one time before and it failed miserably. I am trying to get a hang of uploading from my phone, so hopefully it worked this time.
Damn, i just realized that i uploaded the lucci lemon wrong. This is what i get for uploading on my phone.

Mature Content

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One Piece, Rob Lucci, CP9, lemon
Mine (Rob Lucci x reader lemon)
A lemon for Rob Lucci~! I just cant get enough of the man.


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